• Supports the normal function of the immune system

              • Built-in high grade Inulin prebiotic  fibre from whole chicory

              • Now with pure vitamin D3

              • Helps maintain healthy bones and helps reduce excess inflammation


Unique properties: 


Scientifically selected and tested in the national Phyto-V nutritional intervention study (read more about this study)

Patented delayed release vegan capsule – bacteria get to where they are most needed

Multi-strain clinically proven lactobacillus probiotics which help to break down healthy foods and feed the gut lining cells maintaining gut wall integrity –  Read more about the benefits of probiotics

10 Billion colony forming units (CFU) per day (10 times the CFU of an average live yogurt) complimenting other lifestyle measures which improve the diversity of gut flora – read more about how to help gut health

High quality assurance: Produced by a  trusted, long-established, UK manufacturer with a high-quality assurance track record completely compliant with EU, UK and USA standards.

High safety: This blend blend was carefully selected with safety in mind and was scrutinised by the UK ethics committee and MRHA before approval granted. Within the national trial no side effects or tolerance issues were recorded – Read more about the phyto-v trial

Vitamin D3 enhancement and bioactivation – This supplement not only contains more than enough of the RDA so you do not have to take extra vitamin D supplements. In addition, the combination with probiotics is known to greatly improve  absorption, bioavailability and healthy functions of vitamin D

Synergistic with other foods: An ideal companion to other healthy foods and the polyphenols in Pomi-T

Research:  Following the success of the national Phyto-v trial and high safety record yourgut+ was then chosen for the UK Covid vaccine support study – read more



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More about the importance of our microbiome

Our bodies, especially the gut have trillions of healthy probiotic bacteria, particularly in our gut, on our skin, in the lining of the airways. They are vital for healthy digestion, immunity and regulation of inflammation. Lifestyle factors such as lack of exercise, being overweight, eating excess sugar, alcohol and meat can cause overgrowth of the more unhealthy strains. Other factors  such as viral illnesses, antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or even simply travelling abroad, can upset the balance between these friendly bacteria and harmful bacteria.

Abnormal gut bacterial growth can lead to bloating, wind, colicky pains and diarrhoea, as well as general symptoms such as fatigue, and lack of motivation. There are an increasing number of chronic conditions which are now linked to abnormal bacterial flora such as arthritis, dementia, high cholesterol and osteoporosis (read more). There is now increasing evidence that abnormal flora in our lungs as well as gut could increase the risk of viral infections and allergies. The massive UK Kings app study reported in April 2021 that people who took probiotics and vitamin D had a lower risk of covid-19. Trials are ongoing across the world looking at the role of probiotics to reduce spread of covid among household contacts (See BMJ)

In situations where the natural balance between good and bad bacteria has been upset, a healthy probiotic supplement can help to restore this balance and is recommended in combination with healthy dietary changes… Read the evidence of how probiotics could potentially help our health