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The ingredients of Phyto-V were specifically developed and successfully evaluated within the UK national covid-19 nutritional intervention study – The Worlds largest double blind randomised trial run by a dedicated team of scientists and doctors led by Professor Robert Thomas (a nutritional and exercise scientist from The university of Bedfordshire and a consultant Oncologist at Bedford and Addenbrookes Cambridge University Hospital Trusts). – Read more about the Phyto-v study


The Phyto-V blend

This is a unique blend of plants and herbs are rich in phytochemicals, especially the polyphenol groups, which are responsible for the colour, taste and aroma of foods. Daily intake of phytochemical rich foods such as certain teas, fruits and herbs have been linked with multiple health benefits particularly reducing chronic degenerative disease, enhancing oxidative defences and reducing excess chronic inflammation. These foods enhance bacterial gut health, especially if combined with other lifestyle strategies and regular intake of  probiotic bacteria – important for an efficient immunity  and other biological functions in the body.

Ingredients: Each 530mg capsule (vegan) used in the study contains purified Citrus Sinensis, standardised to contain 70mg of citrus Bioflavonoids; Chamomile 100mg (Matricaria Recutita L. Flower); Pomegranate (1000mg), Punica granatum L,  standardised to contain 10mg of Ellagic Acid; Curcumin  Complex (Curcuma Longa, Rhizome), standardise to deliver 24mg of curcuminoids; Resveratrol 100mg from Polygonum cuspidatum Root.


The Phyto-V study

This study evaluated whether improving gut health with the probiotic / prebiotic blend called  Yourgutplus+ could shorten the severity of a covid-19 infection. It also tested  whether an additional natural phytochemical rich food supplement, (now referred to as Phyto-v, named after the trial) could further enhance recovery and prevention of chronic symptoms. In this scientific trial, which completed in Autumn 2021, participants did not know if they received a placebo or the real supplement. Likewise the doctors and research staff and statisticians did not know which arm participant was randomised – this ensured the trial was unbiased and scientifically robust – read full published paper


Buying Phyto-V

Phyto-V is a highly purified product and to match the quality assurance required from the scientific committee several extra analysis are required by the manufacturers. These include heavy metal exclusion and bacterial analysis as well as candidate phytochemical quantification – this means it take longer to make than most supplements. It comes in an eco-friendly flat back so goes easily through the letterbox.

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Terms and conditions: We deliver via  https://yourgutplus.com which has improved efficiency considerably. Even so, please allow 10 days for arrival, due to high demand. In the rare event that orders are lost in the post, apologies but we are not liable for a replacement unless we made an error. If  your item is faulty or damaged, we will certainly replace it. However, if you change your mind, as this is a food item, even though it is in supplement form, we cannot use it again, so unfortunately, we cannot take it back. Most people in the medical trial had a benefit – some did not – I am afraid we are unable to provide a refund if you feel you did not benefit.  Apologies due to the unprecedented media exposure to the scientific studies we are receiving thousands of emails a day and are unfortunately not able to answer most of them – we are working on an automated solution.