Top twenty healthy lifestyle tips for 2020


keep healthy after cancer

  • Exercise – Try to increase daily moderate  levels, aiming for 3-5 hours a week and avoid long periods of sedentary behaviour more
  • Processed sugar – aim to eliminate intake, especially on an empty stomach, aim for a low glycaemic index diet more
  • Eat more polyphenols – maintain a high intake in healthy foods and boost with a polyphenol supplement if necessary …read more
  • Quit smoking – try to stop immediately to quit
  • Carcinogenic foods – avoid smoked foods, acrylamides in baked foods and nitrosamines in cured meats more
  • Carcinogenic xenoestrogens – reduce exposure to plastic, pollution and pesticides more
  • Less alcohol – avoid in excess, have days off and go for quality not quantity
  • Less meat – reduce red meat or stop cheap processed meat intake, avoid burned, grilled or barbecued meats more
  • Fats and oils – eat a profile of good fats and avoid bad fats more
  • Essential minerals – ensure sufficient intake but avoid extra pills unless you have a know deficiency more
  • Vitamins – ensure sufficient intake and likewise  avoid extra pills unless you have a know deficiency more
  • Sunlight & Vitamin D – take extra pills in the Winter, try to get regular sun without burning more
  • Dietary fibre –  Increase intake especially from flaxseeds, quinoa, whole grains and wild rice ..more
  • Plant proteins – increase legumes, beans and pumpkin and other seeds rich in plant proteins ..healthy dishes with legumes
  • Body mass – try to maintain a healthy weight, not too thin and loose weight if obese more
  • Overnight fasting – aim for 13 hours between your evening meal and breakfast ..more
  • Nuts  – eat a handful of mixed nuts every day – healthy dishes with nuts
  • Gut bacteria – try to maintain a healthy gut with natural foods and probiotics if necessary ..what are probiotics
  • Sleep – try to adopted good sleep hygiene habits to enhance a regular circadian rhythm more
  • Mood – Look after your thought processes and psychological health more

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