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Healthy Skin 

Healthy skin depends on a number of complex interacting factors. Of course you just may be lucky and be born with the right genetic make up. Outside specific disease which effect the skin lifestyle can have a significant impact in the tone, colour and elasticity of the skin. 

Lifestyle tips for healthy skin - golden rules:

[1] A free chapter from the book Lifestyle after Cancer - the facts entitled how to avoid carcinogens can be downloaded free

[2] It is important to have the correct balance of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids such as omega 3,6 and 9. The problem is that we never know if we have the correct balance or not - the chances are we haven't. We presented the results of individuals who had ordered micro-nutrient testing from this website, in the British National Research Conference Liverpool 2011 and over 90% had some form of excess or deficiency - read abstract

These imbalances are unlikely to present itself as an acute illness such as scurvy or rickets but chronic deficiencies or, just as bad, excesses may lead to ill health lack of skin health.

We have developed an online service which measures over 50 essential nutrients via a blood test. As well as the results you receive a consultant physician guided diet and lifestyle programme bespoke to your specific test and  specific written advice sheets which together guide you to a diet which can restore your nutritional balance  ...read more / order 


natureMedical remedies the perfect combination of natural waxes medicated with pure, rare essential oils to have the maximum softening and moisturizing anti-inflammatory and DNA stabilizing benefits.  They have been tested only on healthy volunteers and has passed all European Union cosmetics standards and safety checks (see full product license). EU compliant 76/768/EEC. They contain no artificial chemicals, colours, preservatives or hydrocarbons. Lips | Nail bed balm | Dupuytrens
Lifestyle and Cancer - the facts addresses the evidence behind practical lifestyle choices which confront us on a daily basis.  It is only based on published facts, dispelling myths and hearsay guiding readers to a natural healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. This edition  has been extensively updated in response to new international research and positive feedback from readers and is now supported by a foreword from Paula Radcliffe ...read more / order online

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