Natural lifestyle tips to help you keep healthy

Why take laxatives, statins, blood pressure, arthritis and T2 diabetic medications straight away.  In many cases, they can be avoided with sensible diet and lifestyle strategies.  The advice on this site is regularly updated by senior doctors, nutritionalists and exercise scientists and will empower you to make evidence based lifestyle choices, to help you avoid chronic illness and keep a healthy body, skin and mind:

⇒ Fill the gap between diagnosis and need for medical treatments
⇒ Harness and boost the power of natural foods
⇒ Empower yourself to choose quality foods, supplements & creams

Other health related resource links:  

Lifestyle and cancer – the facts – a fully colour illustrated book with relevant and sensible evidence based lifestyle and self help advice by a consultant cancer doctor and biological scientist
Micronutrient tests – a blood test which measures over 50 of your body’s vitamins, essential mineral, anti-oxidant enzymes, polyphenols, unhealthy and healthy fats.
Poems about health and cancer – Over 500 poems have been send to us over the last 15 years – read with interest but be warned, some are tear jerkingly moving
Carcinogens and how to avoid them – A comprehensive review of the most common cancer forming chemicals in our foods and environment, practical advice on how to avoid them and what foods act as natural antidotes.
Breast density – what it means to you and what precautions should you make

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